Fotografías que Parecen Sacadas de los Sueños

Esta selección de retratos oníricos y surrealistas pertenece al fotógrafo canadiense Joel Robison.

Sus fotografías parecen salidas de algún sueño, con un estilo entre poético y cautivador en donde juega con nuestro concepto de la realidad.

Stay Alight" Today is World Mental Health Day and this image is one that to me speaks to my own approach to my mental health. Some days it can be difficult to feel that light that burns brightly inside, I wrestle with a persistent negative voice in my mind that tries to convince me that I'm a burden to others, that my voice isn't important and that the world would be better with less of me in it. I fight that each day because I know it's not true, it's a balance each day of reaching for the light and allowing myself to trust that it's there. To me this image expresses this, that I'm a balance of these two, that they meet in the middle to make me who I am and that some days it might be more of a climb to get to that light but I always get there and I always will. Take time today to take care of your mental health, go for a walk outdoors or listen to your favourite music. Drink some water and reach out to a friend. Get some sleep, enjoy a treat. Take care of yourself today. #worldmentalhealthday #vanguardpro #vanguardworld

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